‘Luxe natural wood finishes meet state of the art hi-tech’. That would have to be the headline for our collaboration with Corporate Initiatives for the Telstra new conferencing room at their Business HQ in Exhibition Street.

Originally built by ISM and Corporate Initiatives in 2012, a major refurbishment was planned for the conferencing facility – one that would update the tech to cutting edge standard while creating an impressive and highly functional workspace for the connected team at Telstra.

We took the large circular table from the premises, stripped it back and revamped it, replacing the old leather insert with a new grey toned version. The combination solid and veneer American maple body was stained and polished, transforming it from a light blonde shade to its new mahogany luster. Also replaced was the perforated aluminum in the tabletop.

The wall was constructed from stained American maple veneered MDF, backed with black melamine and hung onto the wall. The room was also painted and new custom white cabinetry installed.

The technology update includes new video conferencing hardware, with video screens installed in the core of the table, screens on the desktop along with cameras, and pop up monitors concealed via electronic lifters installed within the table. The wall features a large main viewing screen.

This project was a true collaboration, with our ISM team and Corporate Initiatives working together on designs for the new wall, testing samples and colour tones. The final result displays the perfect blend of style and function.

  • project manager: Corporate Initiatives