Melbourne commercial joinery

At ISM Interiors we’re proud of our reputation for delivering high quality commercial and architectural joinery projects for our clients.

How did we build that reputation? We build it every day, on every project with every client. We do it by listening carefully, committing to the highest standards, and finishing every last detail.

That’s what we have delivered for the past 24 years and what we continue to do today.

  • 24 years
  • 3,500+ completed projects
  • 4,000 m2 factory
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commercial WorkSafe Victoria
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Who we work with

At ISM we place you at the centre of all our activity

Every ISM project is a close collaboration with our clients. We take time to understand the project brief fully, and keep the communication flowing throughout the entire project.

We continually challenge ourselves to find the best possible solutions that will meet your goals and fulfil the design vision. And we’re structured to be an agile business, able to respond quickly to challenges and changes if and when they arise.

Talented team, smart systems and the right tools

We’ve completed large scale projects for our clients, made possible by our 4,000mhigh-tech manufacturing facility in Airport West. The facility is managed with state-of-the-art software that integrates all aspects of the production process.

From estimating, ordering, manufacturing, project management through to delivery our systems ensure every step along the journey is fully tracked, optimised and quality controlled.

From our clients

"ISM is really good with detailing, when I get a price from them I know every drawing was reviewed and each unit has been considered."

  • Jano Yousseph, ANZ

"ISM takes the time to understand a project and the outcomes we are after. I think because of that you end up with a better product."

  • Shane Wintershoven, Tall Architects

“ISM takes the time to understand a project and the outcomes we are after. I think because of that you end up with a better product.”

  • Hugh Mitchell, Lend Lease

We don't think our products should cost the earth

At ISM minimising our environmental impact is a high priority. This led us to install 400 PV cells on the roof of our Airport West manufacturing facility. These cells now provide up to 80% of our energy consumption, representing an annual emissions reduction of 14.2 tonne of C02.

Alongside this initiative we only source environmentally sustainable building materials that can meet Green Building Council of Australia’s five-star rating and LEED platinum certification.