The Stockland offices in Melbourne’s prestigious Rialto Tower make an impression from the get-go.

Throughout the property group’s office suite on the 36th level, you’ll see an engaging combination of pop art, indigenous art installations, and eye-catching design features. It’s an office space that inspires creativity, collaboration, and yes, focussed play-making.

This installation was a joint project involving both ISM and our locker and storage group Lockin. The entrance to the main reception area sets the engaging tone for the rest of the office space. Integrated into the striking metal framework that frames the reception and walkway spaces ISM created a display cabinet and brand wall.

The glass-doored, LED-lit display cabinet houses Aboriginal artifacts and was constructed from Black Ace powder-coated metal, Elton Group Clear Oak Evenex veneer, and a 24mm Autex Cube acoustic panel in a bright Pinnacle blue. The brand wall uses the same materials – the Black Ace metalwork, an Autex Panel digital screen surround, integrated lightbox artwork, and Koskela Stingray lights mounted on black laminate. The wall also featured triangular and cube shapes that are repeated atop the Lockin locker banks. Functional as well as artistic, each panel is fully removable to allow for services maintenance.

We were pleased to contribute towards the creation of an inspired – and inspiring – workplace, one that will surely have a positive impact on both staff and clients.

  • architect: PTID
  • builder: Shape Australia